Why is E-mark approval important?

At night, vision in the best possible way is necessary. Light mean safety! Are you headlights maximize the vision forward? Will they blind the oncoming drivers? If they blind the oncoming drivers you will got into precarious situation too.

Did you run into this oncoming traffic below? I?m sure that everyone did.

How do think about this? It is so agonizing!

Once you are in, you can?t see anything forward. You can?t image what will happen during these blind-time. So it need to be standardize by regulations. There are three types regulations common used all over the world: ECE, DOT, and SAE. In Europe the ECE regulation is recommended to all the Europe states. If you are selling or using headlights without E-mark approval you will assume all responsibility for any consequence thereof.

Look at the this oncoming traffic below.

They don?t blind the oncoming drivers at least. But we don?t know whether they were E-mark approved.

The ECE regulations defined?the distribution of beam pattern and ensure they won?t blind the oncoming vehicles drivers. E-mark approval means they meet the ECE regulations and are legal for road use.

Below is the test point distribution of the beam pattern. The measure value at each test point must be meet the requirement of ECE R112.

After got the E-mark approval then the headlights are legal for road use and would be accepted by all the Europe market.

Below are some details of our headlight which have E-mark approval.

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